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Turn Your Abandoning Visitors Into Customers

Exit Monitor transforms your exiting website traffic into paying customers

Here's How It Works

Learn How To Turn Visitors Into Paying Customers

Track Visitor Behavior

When a visitor lands on your website, Exit Monitor begins tracking that visitor's mouse movement and velocity to determine their exact position on your page.

Detect Exiting Visitors

Our custom built visitor behavior learning algorithm and exit intent technology allows Exit Monitor to determine the exact millisecond a visitor leaves your page.

Display Targeted Offer

Once an exit intent has been triggered, Exit Monitor displays a targeted offer to your visitor. This gives you the ability to either capture a new lead or gain a sale.

Increase Your Revenue

Exit Monitor gives you the ability to drive more revenue to your business by leveraging customer data to capture more leads and turn visitors into paying customers.

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The Best Uses of Exit Monitor

Some examples of how to display targeted pop-ups

Build Your Email List

Grow your email list with new leads that you can target and market to.

Increase Social Following

Increase your engagement on social media with social offers.

Instant Cart Recovery

Reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts with coupon code offers.

Redirect Traffic

Direct your visitors to a landing page or another website before they leave.

$15,474,944 in recovered revenue and counting